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"Poster for Spielberg Comboid: 'Amistad Jaws'"

John Singlecopy

The contemporary photorealist Singlecopy has been hired by many Hollywood studios to promote the Comboid™ process, which uses artificial reality technology to blend classic movies into a brand new filmgoing experience. Movie patrons will remember his posters for the Jazz Age zombie comboid "Tender is the Night of the Living Dead" and the science-fiction musical "The Incredible Shrinking Man of La Mancha."

Steven Spielberg specifically requested Singlecopy as the artist of record for DreamWorks SKG studio's first venture into comboid, "Amistad Jaws", which recounts the adventures of a group of freed slaves who set up a lifeguard station in the seaside colonial town of Amity, Massachusetts, and their battle with a great white shark which threatens immigration and tourism. 

Singlecopy effectively manages to blend the themes of both movies into a persuasive poster without sacrificing details. His African characters are noble and daring, the colonial seaport flawlessly executed, and his shark retains the plastic artificiality from its appearance in Spielberg's first commercial blockbuster. 


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