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"Santa on the Skids"

Raphaello Raphaelli, also known as "Ralph"

Raphelli's great passion was showing the hidden side of celebrities and famous people. He burst onto the art scene with his first canvas, "Pope Julius II Dressed as a Prostitute," which was followed by "Our Lady of Mercy Beating a Leper" and "St. Francis Giving the Finger."

For the subject work Raphaelli, wearing a variety of disguises, followed Mr. Claus during the off-season, January through November. His dedication paid off when he found the drunken old man, still wearing part of his traditional regalia, being carried home from a low dive by his grand-nephew or one of the other dependent Clauses. To the left is a distraught Mrs. Claus, and to the right an astonished and traumatized child who will never again be able to think of Christmas Eve without reliving the shameful memory of the besotted, disgraced idol.


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