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"Genetically Engineered Pear"

Frederico Botthefarm

This is the sole work extant by the talented Botthefarm, who devoted his brief career to documenting instances of runaway genetic engineering in the marketplace. He purchased this fruit at a roadside stall in his home town of Medellin, Colombia, where disenfranchised coca farmers have been practicing growing somewhat alternative crops. It is said that the new generation of genetically-enhanced fruits and vegetables will end the threat of world hunger, although it is expected to contribute to a substantial rise in hernias among farmers, shippers and grocery clerks.


Botthefarm had just completed this piece and was cleaning his brushes when a minor earthquake struck the region, toppling the 800-pound (363 kg) fruit from the table onto him, killing him instantly. His work qualifies as a Depressionist piece because, according to the testimony of eyewitnesses, the accident depressed him against the cement floor of his studio "to the thickness of an enchilada."



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