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Bowling Trophy
Circa. 3750–3550 BCE
Egyptian, predynastic period
Diameter 15.3 cm ~ Fired Ceramic


Long known as dedicated bowlers, the early Egyptians commissioned many trophies, league jackets and good-luck charms devoted to the sport. How the original game was played is not known, although it is believed to be quite different from today's version. 

Since none of the known bowling trophies has a well-understood context, archaeologists cannot interpret their original use. Perhaps vessels like this were used to hold the participant's ball, or they may have been largely ceremonial chalices which were filled with beer to salute the victor, a tradition which has been handed down intact to the present day.

This particular object was one of several found in the tomb of a bowler. The papyrus associated with it refers to the deceased, one Hot-Sheep-Dip, as "the king of the 7-10 split." 



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