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"Dancing with the Stars: The Lindy Hop"

Dory Gustafff

We have elsewhere noted the antics of Dory Gustafff, whose irrepressible wit found little room for expression in her humdrum career as a Biblical scenario engraver. This particular engraving is another instance where the prankster trumped the craftsman. 

Gustafff was a big fan of the Antwerp street theater, particularly the dance competitions which had captured the imaginations of native Antwerpsters and tourists alike. So her assignment to engrave "Jacob Wresting with a River Spirit at the Ford of Jabbok" soon became "Jacob and His Dance Partner Angel Doing the Finale to Their Lindy Swing Routine." Carried away by his creative enthusiasm, he even colorized it, sending the cost of that particular edition of Genesis through the roof.

Needless to say the publisher was less than pleased and introduced Gustafff to a new French dance step, involving the publisher's size 14 sabots and the artist's derrière...



Acquisition sponsored in part by a grant from the Flemish Board of Antwerpsichoreanism, "Put a Little Flem in Your Life, Try Clogging!"℠

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