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"Greg Determines That He Does Not Need Relationship Counseling"

Jeanne 'Dominatrix' Ingrates

Regarded as the greatest of the feminist Depressionist painters, Ingrates dedicated her brief career to documenting the follies and imperfections of the male of the human species. In this major work she shows her own sister, Penelope, in a difficult moment with her boyfriend, Greg Lipinski.

Ingrates' other pieces includes similar themes, all done on the heroic scale, including "Forty Years in the Desert: Moses Refuses to Ask Directions," "The Throne of David with the Seat Left Up," and "Unwashed Bald Redneck with Beer Belly Attempting to Impress Bikini-clad Teenager."

The artist was soon overcome by the sheer bleakness of her chosen subject matter and by being disowned by her mother, who felt that young Jeanne would never meet a rich man from a good family if she kept hanging around in her studio rather than going out to the better class of nightclubs. The next morning her mother found Jeanne literally hanging around in her studio, from a length of rope attached to a beam. Her final work, the shadowy and mysterious "Of Course I'll Still Respect You in the Morning" has rarely been shown in public since it was donated to the Redbone Home for Wayward Girls by Mrs. Ingrates as a tax write-off.


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