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"Tony Frascatti Questions His Need to Pledge Alpha Delta Triskelion"

Pieter Boggle

An early Boggle, from the period before he was appointed Alpha Delta Triskelion's official painter. Having survived Hell Week himself, Boggle was fascinated by other pledges' reactions to the torments of that infamous fraternity tradition, and produced a series of paintings of pledges in difficulty, among them "Portrait of Sammy Dawes by the Light of Flaming Intestinal Gas," "Jeff Royston: 32 Beers, no Bathroom Break," and "Nude Study: Jack Novak with Lamppost, Handcuffs and Snowstorm."

In this painting we can see Boggle's Depressionist insight into the character of Tony Frascatti, who has begun to reconsider his desire to belong to any fraternity at all after he is told to consume Roadkill Pie and the infamous ADT Pig Head, Chihuahua and Rat Kabob before the brothers will release him from the Big Barrel of Dung. The young Mr. Frascatti managed to choke down several mouthfuls before erupting into the Great Spew of Disgrace and was sentenced to yet another midwinter jockstrap-only foot race around the women's dorm.

Frascatti resigned his pledge shortly thereafter and joined the Young Republicans instead, becoming the campus organizer of Students for Richard Nixon.


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