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"The Shroud of Hoboken"
c. 1976 
1.4m x 740 cm 
~ Polyester 

The so-called "Shroud of Hoboken" was found in an abandoned dry-cleaning store in Hoboken, New Jersey in 1986. The figure on the shroud has never been identified, but is believed to be an elderly female holding a staff of prophecy. How the image was preserved on the orange polyester tablecloth is unknown. Vatican experts say that it represents nobody in particular, and has no apparent curative properties, or any historical or religious value.

Until its acquisition by the Gallery of the Unidentifiable, the Shroud was in the possession of Mrs Minnie Darylymple of 845 Monroe Street in Hoboken. It was her husband Rocco who found the shroud during the demolition of the business block which included "Bernie's Dry Cleaning Emporium featuring One-Hour Martinizing ™," and hung on to it on the grounds of "finders keepers." As a reward for her contribution, Mrs Darylymple was given a lifetime free pass to the Gallery, as well as 150 gallons of butterscotch syrup. Mrs Darylymple is very fond of butterscotch syrup, especially on French Vanilla ice cream. Mr Darylymple mixes it with vodka to make the household specialty, theButterscotch Bazoom.

Acquisition made possible in part by the Gandolfini Butterscotch Works of Hoboken, NJ. "We got your butterscotch right here!"℠


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