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From "J. Edgar Hoover-- The Boudoir Portraits"

As head of the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation for 48 years, Hoover led an ongoing crusade against communism, espionage and deviant behavior. On his own time, however, he and his romantic partner Clyde led a life of gay, albeit closeted, abandon. One special treat was the anniversary portrait that Hoover had done as a surprise one year for Clyde, which soon turned into an annual event, with Hoover dressing up as famous transvestites throughout history.

His favorite painter was young "Hyacinth," — real name unknown, although believed to be one of the Onobeli family — a gifted art student working at the Metropolitan Baths as a pool boy. Hoover was instantly taken with the young lad's talent and classic lines and commissioned him for the first portrait shown here, as Louis XIV wearing his mistress's best wig, pantyhose and pumps. "Hyacinth's" success led to the next commission, "Heliogabalus in a Wedding Gown Surrounded by Naked Putti" and "Richard Nixon in a Red Velvet Push-up Bustier and Garter Belt."


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