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"The Lady Gabrielle Fine-TunesHer Android Servant, Sally"

Master of the Blue Fountain

As the Black Plague repeatedly struck throughout Europe in the 16th century, finding decent servants became ever more difficult. The Clockmaker and Puppet Guilds combined forces to fill this gap through the construction of realistic spring-wound androids who could deal with the simpler household tasks.

As a legal protection against all-too-common android theft, android owners commissioned a painting of themselves with their new purchases for use in court should the occasion arise. The otherwise unknown "Master of the Blue Fountain" became one of the most popular documenters of artificial household servants, although it eventually led to his downfall. 

He became obsessed with "Sally," shown here with her owner, and actually completed 12 portraits of her in various settings before eloping with her one night under cover of darkness. Sneaking her into a local inn, he attempted to consummate his passion, not realizing that, driven by lust, he had overwound his gear-driven goddess. A few moments later with a resounding snap! he was neatly and effectively unmanned. 

After his release from prison he had a local potter fabricate a partial substitute for his organ from blue faience, which accounts for his curious nickname.


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