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"Lipizzaners Performing at Sea World"


The painter known to us only as "Watercrone" was a self-described "Lipizzaner groupie," following the famous white performing horses as they toured the world, often placing them in fantasy settings as shown here. This is one of a series that the artist executed while in Florida. Other canvases done at this time include "Underwater Lipizzaner Ballet at Weeki Watchi" and "Water-skiing Lipizzaners at Coral Gables."

Watercrone tried unsuccessfully to gain permission to paint the official portraits of the entire equine troupe at Lipica in Slovenia, but was deported as an undesirable alien after the unfortunate incident on the stud farm.

The execution of this work is reminiscent of Watercrone's "Surfer Lipizzaners at Malibu," which became the basis for the 1965 movie "How to Stuff a Wild Bikini," with Annette Funicello and Rex the Wonder Horse.


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