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"Exploding Brass Nude #4"
14 cm ~ brass, embedded sand, traces of TNT


Believed to be the work of the unknown "Master Brass Caster of Lancaster," this work is characteristic of what has come to be known as the "Exploding Nude" series. From faint marks on the statue it is obvious that it was crafted originally as a highly representational piece, then intentionally blown up.

One theory is that the artist did not care for women, or was trying to ritualistically exorcize a sexual obsession. Another holds that it the work of a pious evangelist attempting to show the wages of sin, in this case lust. This is supported by the warning in James 1:14: "But every man is tempted, then he is drawn away of his own lust, and then KER-BLOOEY!"

There are only 8 exploding nudes known to be in existence. The last one, "Exploding Brass Nude #8 with Skull Fragments" represents the end of the series.


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