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"Pork Brains With Milk Gravy"

Mandy Warhole

Warhole, a member of both the Pop and Mom schools of modern art, dedicated herself to the iconization of the everyday. Best known for her Campbell's Soup can series, she also produced an amazing collection of other works on the same theme, inspired perhaps by her day job as a stacker in a local supermarket and by her hobby as an anorexic depressive. To her way of thinking, by painting food she could avoid eating it.


After her death her apartment was found to be crammed with unopened cans of purloined foodstuffs, while above the mantel was her masterwork, "The Virgin Can Opener," which now hangs in the Ekko Museum in Finland.


"Pork Brains in Milk Gravy" represents her final completed work. Her preliminary sketches are covered with notations like "3,500 calories --JESUS!!!!!!" and "A THOUSAND TIMES the RDA for cholesterol, mama mia!!!!!!" and "Fried in LARD and scrambled with EGGS, even, EEE-HAH!!!!!" and "This little piggy went to market, WITH HIS HEAD UP HIS CAN!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!"Warhole died after apparently consuming four tubes of Liquitex Cadmium Red acrylic during a painting-completion binge.



Acquired in part by a generous donation from the Howard Hughes/Karen Carpenter Foundation. "You can never be too rich or too thin."™


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