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The Bullwinkle Cult began among residents of what is now Nunavut in the Canadian Northwest Territories during the early 1960s when television broadcasts finally reached the area. Color TV was a revelation to the Inuit and other tribes, who were effectively living in the stone age. They quickly grasped that this represented some new kabloonah faith, perhaps a successor to Christianity. The great Bullwinkle was clearly a powerful Canadian totem, well served by his acolyte and co-totem Rocky as they strove against the forces of evil represented by Boris and Natasha and the dreaded Snidely Whiplash, all of whom symbolized the corrupting influences of western civilization. Frostbite Falls, by its very name, was obviously located in Nunavut territory, too.

The faith quickly spread throughout Nunavut and into other settled polar areas. Many pilgrimages were launched to find the legendary Kirward Derby, which would grant amazing powers to any shaman who wore it.

The item shown is believed to be the Bullwinklian equivalent of a cross or crucifix. It is in the form of a triskelion, a three-limbed representation of the wheel of eternity, itself one of the oldest ritual figures known to historians.


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"Homage to Bullwinkle"
Native American, middle Atomic Age
22 cm ~ Wood carving

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