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"Mortified Cat"
Gaul, 8th Century CE 
18cm ~ Bronze, stone inserts 

This is one of a collection of what has become known as the Embarrassed Animals Series. The unknown sculptor had a fascination with depicting both wild and domestic animals at a moment of abysmally low self-esteem. What the cat, in this case, had done is a matter of conjecture. It is suspected that the artist did not care for animals very much.

Nearby excavations have uncovered the "Abashed Goat," the "Humiliated Donkey," the "Chagrined Goose," the "Embarrassed Hedgehog," and the rarely-shown dog sculpture popularly known as "The Huge Dump on the Good Carpet."

Acquired as part of a generous grant from PETA® "Four legs good, two legs bad."™


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