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"Petrified Seafood Special"
Pompeii, 1st century CE
40 cm ~ Glazed Clay, Assorted Fossils


The ancient Roman city of Pompeii, buried under volcanic ash in the year 79, has been a showcase of wonders ever since excavation began in 1748. This excellent specimen was found in the remains of what appears to have been a fast food restaurant chain specializing in seafood and reptiles. At first it was thought to be an advertising sign, but later investigations have shown that the creatures were alive at the time of the catastrophe, and the dish probably represents some kind of blue-plate special that had been set down in front of a customer when both were buried. Whether the dish was served raw, or whether this was a sort of "menu" from which an illiterate customer could make his selections which were then cooked to order, is not known.

Acquired through a generous gift from Mrs. Paul's.® "What's Twichin" In The Kitchen?"™


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